Dr. Vladislav Apostolyuk

Research & Developments

SEM Image Analyser or Semiax is a FREE statistical image analysis tool developed to automate feature counting and statistics gathering in SEM images. It has been initially developed for nano-porous materials feature analysis. 

It detects features using specified colour range and automatically determines its radius, area, feature-to-feature distance, etc. It also produces plots distributions of such parameters as radius, distance, and area. Final report is automatically generated and exported to MS Word document (MS Word must be already installed in the system). Should you have any questions or suggestions regarding the Semiax software, feel free to contact me.

Important: under Windows 8 or higher the software needs to be launched "as administrator".


  • Colour range based automated feature detection
  • Automated scale detection
  • Feature distribution plots
  • Zooming lens for feature inspection
  • Report generating and exporting to MS Word document


Download: Semiax (1.5)