Dr. Vladislav Apostolyuk

Research & Developments

Authors: V. Apostolyuk, V. Chikovani

Journal: Mechanics of Gyroscopic Systems, No. 25, 2012, pp. 22-29

Language: English

Abstract: The effect of temperature variations on the output of Coriolis vibratory gyroscope via cross-damping is studied in this paper. Mathematical model of the temperature influences is developed and its parameters are identified using experimental data. Low-level temperature error compensation system is proposed and evaluated by means of realistic numerical simulations.

Reference: Apostolyuk V.O., Chikovani V.V. Temperature Errors Compensation in Coriolis Vibratory Gyroscopes // Механіка гіроскопічних систем.– 2012.– №25.– С. 22-29.

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