Dr. Vladislav Apostolyuk

Research & Developments

Authors: V. Apostolyuk

Journal: Military Technical Collection, No. 2(5), 2011, pp. 130-135

Language: English

Abstract: Mathematical models of an electrostatic comb-drive actuator used in many micro-electromechanical systems and primary oscillations excitation system for micromechanical vibratory gyroscopes are developed and studied in the paper. A simple approximate mathematical model is presented for the capacitances and electrostatic forces operating in interdigitated microstructures, which led to the formulation of the optimal excitation system operation modes. Based on the analysis of the non-linear capacities, design recommendations for the comb-drive structure were formulated. Obtained model allows the analysis of not only linear but also non-linear phenomena in the physics of such structures. Presented mathematical model is simple enough to be used instead of time-consuming numerical simulations as well as for the further improvements of micromechanical sensors performances.

Reference: V. Apostolyuk. Excitation of Primary Oscillations in Micromechanical Vibratory Gyroscopes // Військово-технічний збірник.– 2011.– №2(5).– С.130-135.

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