Dr. Vladislav Apostolyuk

Research & Developments

Authors: V. Apostolyuk

Journal: Electronics and Control Systems, No. 2 (16), 2008, pp. 57-65

Language: English

Abstract: Evolutionary approach to the numerical solving of multi-dimensional procedural optimal control problems with respect to arbitrary representation of plant model and constraints is considered in this paper. New genetic algorithm with variable control programs length is proposed and its characteristics are investigated while solving the test problem. Multi-objective goal function, which combines control optimisation criteria and control quality under constrains is also proposed and studied along with the aspects of algorithm performances improvements by means of parallelisation.

Reference: Apostolyuk V. Evolutionary Approach to the Procedural Optimal Control // Електроніка та системи управління.– 2008. – №2 (16). – c. 57-65.

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