Dr. Vladislav Apostolyuk

Research & Developments

Authors: V. Apostolyuk, O. Basanets, E. Krivenko

Publisher: Proceedings of VI International Conference "Gyrotechnology, Navigation, Motion Control, and Aerospace Systems Design", NTUU "KPI", Kiev, 2007

Language: Russian

Abstract: Fuzzy control systems are currently under active research both for manned and unmanned aircrafts. Problems of strategic and tactic control levels can be easily solved by means of fuzzy logic. Fuzzy controllers are simple in development and robust. In this article, aircraft longitudinal fuzzy control systems is studied, which operates at the tactical control level.

Reference: Апостолюк В.А., Басанец О.П., Кривенко Е.И. Исследование системы управлением продольным движением самолета на основе нечеткой логики // VI Международная научно-техническая конференция «Гиротехнологии, навигация, управления движением и конструирование авиационно-космической техники», Киев, 2007, ч. 2, с. 111-117.

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