Dr. Vladislav Apostolyuk

Research & Developments

Authors: V. Apostolyuk, A. Zbrutsky

Publisher: Proc. 4-th St. Petersburg Int. Conf. on Integrated Navigation Systems, St. Petersburg, 1997, pp. 330-336

Language: English

Abstract: Investigation and comparative analysis of different design structures of the micromechanical inertial devices, development recommendations for improvement including performances optimisation are seem to be actual on the threshold of mass producing of micromechanical inertial devices. Mathematical models development results for the different designing structures of micromechanical angular rate sensors are presented in this report. The list of requirements and properties for their structure elements is determined on the basis of obtained results.

Reference: V. Apostolyuk, A. Zbrutsky. Investigation of Micromechanical Inertial Devices // Proc. 4-th St. Petersburg international conference on integrated navigation systems, St. Petersburg, 1997, pp. 330-336.

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