Dr. Vladislav Apostolyuk

Research & Developments

Authors: V. Apostolyuk

Journal: Information Systems, Mechanics, and Control, No. 7, 2011, pp. 116-125

Language: English

Abstract: Optimal linear Kalman filters of stochastic sensor noise were synthesised in this paper using demodulated dynamics of Coriolis vibratory gyroscopes. Different state space models were derived and analysed. Synthesis of the Kalman filter has been performed in case of random walk and high-pass models for the angular rate. Performances of the filters were demonstrated using realistic numerical simulations.

Reference: Apostolyuk V. Demodulated Kalman Filtering for Coriolis Vibratory Gyroscopes // Інформаційні системи, механіка та керування. – К.: НТУУ «КПІ», 2011. – №7. – c. 116-125.

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