Dr. Vladislav Apostolyuk

Research & Developments

Authors: A. Zbrutsky, V. Apostolyuk

Journal: Gyroscopy and Navigation, 1998, No. 3(22), pp. 12-23

Language: Russian

Abstract: Results of studying dynamics of the sensitive element of a single-mass micromechanical vibratory gyroscope with additional frame are presented in this paper. Fundamental mathematical model of the sensitive element as well as the model of its main errors is studied. Analytical expression for errors caused by linear accelerations and linear and angular vibrations are obtained. Error caused by the scale factor non-linearity is analysed. Formulae for optimal choice of the natural frequencies, which provide necessary linear measurement range, are obtained as well. Reduction methods for main errors of the sensitive element are proposed.

Reference: Збруцкий А.В., Апостолюк В.А. Динамика чувствительного элемента микромеханического гироскопа с дополнительной рамкой // Гироскопия и навигация, Санкт-Петербург: ЦНИИ “Электроприбор”, 1998, № 3 (22), с. 13-23.

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