Dr. Vladislav Apostolyuk

Research & Developments

FLying Intelligent Robotic Tools mission planner (FLIRT Planner) is an automatic flight planning software for UAVs in general and the autonomous flying robotic tools designed and fabricated by Abris Design Group in particular. Mission oriented flight planning is a difficult and time consuming process, requiring deep knowledge of auto-pilots and its internal communication and implementation details, aircraft flight dynamics, optics, etc. FLIRT Planner hides all these technical details behind an easy-to-use and interactive interface, where only mission related details have to be specified, and all other tasks of building optimal flight plan are performed completely automatically.

User can specify takeoff and landing locations along with mission related zones and routes using built-in interactive map view powered by Google Maps (using satellite, schematic and terrain views).



Real-time weather conditions and wind data is automatically obtained for the specified flight locations:



Aircraft and camera configuration (battery capacity, landing mode, camera type and orientation, optics focal length) can be easily specified using dedicated panel: 



When aircraft configuration along with such mission related parameters as desired resolution, path overlaps and overshoots are specified, optimal in terms of power consumption flight path is calculated and shown on the map. All major flight path parameters, such as altitudes, distances, elevations, optimal airspeeds, slip angles, headings, gradients are calculated and shown in a table:



Plots of major flight characteristics as functions of flight distance and trajectory orientation can be also viewed: 



General mission characteristics are calculated as well, and flight summary can be viewed in a separate window before uploading mission to UAV:



Flight path feasibility is automatically validated and violated parameters are highlighted. Finally, flight program instructions for Ardupilot are generated and exported to the ".waypoint" file.


  • Built-in interactive Google Maps (satellite, terrain elevations, and schematics)
  • Automatic real-time weather and wind data obtaining
  • Support for multiple aircraft and different payload configurations
  • Support for mission related zones and routes
  • Parachute and automatic landing modes
  • Minimal power consumption flight path is automatically generated
  • Flight characteristics are automatically calculated and validated with respect to terrain elevations
  • Camera control for automatic wind induced slip angle compensation
  • Automatic Ardupilot flight program and "waypoint" file generating  


FLIRT Planner is currently in development and public version of the software is not available. However, if you are interested in using this software, feel free to contact me to obtain private trial version.  

Important: under Windows 8 or higher the software needs to be launched "as administrator".